Food Consciousness

We're extremely conscious about the food that we serve our guests.

Gusto Italian Grill was founded with a commitment to mindful sourcing, bringing you fresh, seasonal ingredients from local farmers that we know and trust.   It's important to craft dishes that we believe in, and it starts by knowing where our fresh ingredients come from.  And it's a our passion to share these home grown flavors with you.

We also source proteins — such as our chicken and steak — that are raised hormone and antibiotic free.

Our food consciousness extends to our many gluten free options including our Gusto turkey meatballs, penne pasta, fresh veggies, and all of our signature sauces. 

Not only is our food derived from sustainable farming;  the compostable bowls we serve our food in, as well as the reclaimed woods of our physical restaurants, are sustainable as well.

Eat, feel, and live better with our taste for life.

Inspired by the Italian Countryside


Our flavors are those of the Italian countryside, where the essence of cooking is simplicity.

In Italian farmhouses,  you'll find cooks using the freshest in seasonal ingredients to create dishes bursting with aroma and natural flavors. We prepare each of our dishes with the same respect for its fresh ingredients. In fact, the better the ingredient, the less that we need to do; the simple application of classic cooking techniques is all that's required. It's the way nature intended us to cook.

In Italy, farm-to-table ingredients are called “nostrale” or “ours." These ingredients are abundant throughout our region and serve as the foundation for our hearty offerings, providing you with a taste for life can be fast, healthy and local.