Gusto Italian Grill is passionate about supporting our local community and delivering memorable events that are fun for the whole family while raising money for the charity you care about.

We would love to help you raise money for your school or non-profit organization with Fundraising Nights.  The events are easy to arrange and everyone you invite will enjoy fast, farm fresh Italian dishes.  

20% of sales generated from supporters of your organization will be donated back to you! 

How It Works:


1.    Complete our online application form.

2.    We’ll provide you with a flyer template that you can customize and print or email to promote your event.

3.    Remember, the more people at your event, the greater the total sales and the more money you’ll make!


Who knew that raising money could be so easy, fun and delicious!


Any organization can register for a Fundraising Night.  For example – schools, sports teams, booster clubs, scouts, church groups, charities, etc. 

The application must be completely filled out and submitted online.  We will not review applications submitted via email or hard copy.

The date and time of your even must be pre-determined and agreed upon at least 4 weeks prior to preferred event date.

All publicity surrounding the event must be provided by the group hosting the event and approved by Gusto.  Your group will be provided with a flyer template, which will be your group’s responsibility to copy and distribute.  



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In most cases Fundraiser Nights can only be held Monday through Thursday.
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